Protect Public Human Milk Expression As SB 351 Moves To the House Judiciary Committee.

MORE GREAT NEWS!!!! With a vote of 25 yes votes, 12 no votes, and 1 non-vote – SB 351, the expansion of the Michigan Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act – has passed the Michigan Senate with bipartisan support!

We are so thankful to Senator Jeff Irwin (D-15) for introducing this bill, as well as the advocates and breastfeeding supporters across Michigan who have called, emailed, and met with their Michigan Senators to ensure passage of this bill. After passage in the Senate, it was introduced into the Michigan House of Representatives yesterday, and has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

  • As a reminder, here’s quick primer on the steps to ensure this bill becomes a law:
    • Introduced in Senate and referred to committee (check!)
    • Voted on in Senate Health Policy Committee (check!)
    • Voted on in full Senate (check!)
    • Introduced in House of Representatives and referred to committee (check!)
    • Vote in House Judiciary Committee (we’re here!)
    • Vote in full House of Representatives
    • Governor signs into law

We are getting closer! And, we need you to make your voice heard!

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