Join Kiran Saluja MPH, RDN, as she provides an overview of the PHFE WIC Program, a program of Heluna Health, including three specific breastfeeding promotion, support, and advocacy cutting-edge programs: (1) Red Baby Alert protocol: when WIC newborns have lost too much weight, (2) Cinnamoms program: How Cinnamoms is optimizing the breastfeeding experiences of Black/African American WIC families in Southern California, and (3) Employee Perinatal Support Program.

Learning objectives:
1. Recognize the evolving support for breastfeeding in the WIC program and the strides made in 45 plus years
2. For each of the three programs presented, attendees will:
a) Understand the reasons behind conceptualizing each program
b) Learn about the importance of each program
c) Describe key elements
d) Evaluate what tools are needed to adopt/adapt/advocate for these programs at work

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