The USBC published a blog titled “FY23 Federal Budget Signed Into Law: What It Means for Infant Feeding,” and updated the “Federal Appropriations for Breastfeeding” webpage. The Senate and House passed and the President signed the Fiscal Year 2023 omnibus spending package into law. The package contains all twelve appropriations bills which include a variety of funding provisions that impact breastfeeding and lactation, as well the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act and Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The USBC blog and webpage provide a detailed analysis of the spending package and what it means for the lactation field and the families we serve. Highlights include:

  • $9.75M for the CDC Hospitals Promoting Breastfeeding program, level funding from the previous fiscal year
  • $90M for the WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program, level funding from the previous fiscal year
  • $1.25M for an analysis of the macroeconomic, health, and social costs of U.S. breastfeeding rates and national breastfeeding goals
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