The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) is excited to introduce NEW chest/breastfeeding resources to help serve pregnant and lactating parents! We have 3 resources, 2 designed to assist lactation providers or physicians working in the pre/post-natal space, and one for chest/breastfeeding parents. These resources were made to ensure equity and cultural humility among providers and promote chest/breastfeeding confidence and knowledge in parents throughout Illinois.


Please use the order form HERE to request the materials and have them sent to you for FREE. Limits are included in the order form.


Created in collaboration with Lioness Lactation LLC with support from the Illinois Department of Human Services in partnership with the Chicago Community Trust. Materials are made widely available with support from the Illinois Department of Public Health.


Additionally, we have posters and palm cards available to mail for FREE as well! All materials can be previewed in the attached “Preview” PDF. Contact Martha-Margaret Cotton at for any questions.

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