Meeting Minutes- 11/01/2019

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

11/01/2019 meeting minutes

  1. Round Robin
    1. No updates
  2. State BF Task Force call review
    1. Cindy shared information from the July call where the PRAMS study was reviewed. PRAMS is the “pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system” and it is given randomly to moms. Participants earn a gift card as an incentive to participate. Participation rates are low. Asks questions about how moms heard about BF and why they chose not to BF for example. Mostly hear about BF from midwives, nurses, not from providers. The highest reason for not BF: “I didn’t like it”
    2. Glendean shared what she learned from the October call about the ILPQC Opioid intervention project. About 100 OB hospital teams are focusing on improving the standards of practice for screening, documenting, history taking, and interventions for women with a history of opioid use. About 88 hospital teams are focusing on the neonatal side, looking at treatment of moms and babies exposed to opioids. Creating standards of care for moms and the infants. Overcoming bias and stigma. ID early treatment plans for moms, help providers feel more confident with screening and resources in the community. Practices in L/D and nursery to help offset issues, make sure mom knows how to care for a baby with NAS, what to expect (highly encouraging BF). IL maternal morbidity and mortality rates are like the US average. However, doesn’t consider disparities in different communities. More maternal deaths due to opioid use than HTN and hemorrhage.
    3. Courtney shared information about the new IL law that mandates Medicaid to pay for donor breastmilk for infants who qualify. Presentation from the call and a Fact Sheet about the new law and coverage criteria attached. Discussion about milk bank vs milk depot and where they are location. Courtney will reach out to the Milk Bank and see if someone is able to join us for a meeting in person or on a call to discuss their services more in depth.
    4. Next State Call is Jan 21st – Courtney and Cindy will split the call (if anyone else is interested, please let me know!)
  3. BFTF Budget and ideas for next fiscal year
    1. We do still have some funds left over from this year, maybe we can use them for the part of the ISPAN project? Maybe we can use them to get luggage tags for hospital bags for our families with BF support contact information on them?
    2. Like the mini-grant idea, and feel it went well this year. Will review the budget and complete the summary report for Melanie at the next meeting in Jan.
  4. ISPAN project updates
    1. Met with Devi from 1-1:30. We seem to be on the right track with our planning stages. Site specific changes need to address a policy/process or procedure.
    2. Current plan has 2 parts
      1. Reusable breast pads that we will attach an index-card sized “did you know” quick BF fact sheet. Provider offices will hand these out to pregnant clients (maybe at 6 months?)
        1. Use client surveys, BFPC/Doula experiences to help narrow down topics
          1. “babies who receive breastmilk…” (benefits)
          2. Support/bonding to expect in first weeks
          3. “reality check” about what BF looks like in the first few weeks – how to know baby is getting enough
          4. Good visual/infographic
        2. Lake Co has about 15 completed surveys so far:
          1. about 50% said the provider only talked about who to ask for help with BF and no other topics.
          2. About 50% asked their provider for information on infant feeding.
          3. 20% received breast exam
          4. 25-30% received information about getting started with BF, how to pump, returning to work or school, or IL laws.
          5. Felt more accurate responses when verbally asking the questions vs having the client read and circle the answers.
        3. Part 2 includes information given to providers – sustainable change to policy/procedure/process.
          1. Maybe a similar infographic with information targeted towards providers
          2. Will discuss more at the next meeting. Brainstorm ideas of what we want to do/discuss with the prenatal providers
          3. Do we want to reach out to AAP/ACOG vs only targeting individual providers?
        4. Next steps for ISPAN
          1. Complete more surveys to get a better understanding of client needs from VNA locations
            1. Other sites encouraged to use surveys if they want to help us all understand the providers in our areas
          2. Create the infographic card for the clients
  • Create a list of providers and their estimated case loads
    1. How many moms will we be affecting?
    2. Which providers are we targeting?
  1. What do we want the intervention directly affecting the provider to look like?
  1. Next meeting is January 10th at VNA Health in Aurora
    1. Address information to come!