Meeting Minutes- 09/13/2019

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

09/13/19 meeting minutes

  1. Round Robin
    1. BF Month Activities
      1. DuPage: Had a large banner made with puzzle pieces that moms complete to “pledge” to BF, filling in the pieces to complete the puzzle – most of the way completed!
      2. Aunt Martha’s: SIDS and BF display and raffle prizes
  • VNA, Family Focus, Rush: Big Latch On Event – went well, ran out of room!
    1. VNA also make shirts for staff and had BF tote bags for exclusively BF moms
  • . Well Child: Big Latch On with Sherman Hospital, had about 11 moms this year, was a smaller event due to a back-to-school backpack event happening on the same day
  1. Lake: Family Fun Day/Big Latch On – had 7 moms participate, total of about 20-25 families come to the health fair/event.
  2. SIDS of IL: Community baby showers, 2nd series of perinatal education in Pullman neighborhood; baby care item drive
  • Well Child and Vista Hospital had screenings of the Chocolate Milk documentary; had discussions of impact/thoughts.
  1. Next year World BF Week will have 2 weekends, which one will have the Big Latch?
  1. Upcoming events
    1. Well Child annual BF cross-training for non-BFPC staff in October, every Tuesday from 12:30-3:30, open to all BFTF members
  2. Updates
    1. SIDS mini-grant progress: plan to partner with other agencies that are not associated with WIC (like home visiting programs that may not have doulas) for community baby showers and education, including IL Law Cards
      1. Focusing in Kankakee, Will, and Lake counties
        1. Lake is starting a centralized intake for home visiting programs, Courtney can help connect Glendean.
  • . Kane BF Coalition: shared information about recognition of employers in Kane who support BF with their employees/customers. There is an online survey, anyone can refer a business to the program
    1. Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Bronze level is meeting the expectations of the law
    2. Sample resources available, policies, pictures of lactation rooms
  • Trying to increase outreach year round, and include more photos of non-traditional lactation spaces.
  1. ISPAN project updates
    1. Devi will be in touch with us to schedule a check-in call during October
    2. Client survey for VNA and LCHD participants
      1. Talked through client survey to find out what clients are learning about BF from their OBs
      2. For ISPAN project, Lake and VNA will be focus in terms of piloting the intervention in these areas, all locations encouraged to use survey for their sites.
  • Courtney will get the questions translated into Spanish and send out by the end of Sept.
  1. Updates from the last 2 calls
    1. Most BFTF groups seem a little confused. On the last call, a pediatrician presented about different ways and phrases for CLCs to refer to pediatricians for assistance with BF issues without diagnosing.
    2. Reviewed timeline: intervention to begin in November 2019 – April 2020
  • Our groups action plan:
    1. Survey clients to find out what they learn/don’t learn from their prenatal providers
      1. Using 9th month phone calls or in person
  • . Reach out to prenatal providers to provide education on topic as chosen by survey
  1. Provide information and supplies with a “did you know” quick fact sheet for providers to give to patients.
  1. Request for funding application
    1. Project has $500 for us to apply for
    2. Washable nursing pads + laminated “did you know” card with short to the point information for moms
  • Or colostrum syringes for moms to hand express colostrum once they are 37 weeks and bring to the hospital with them + laminated “did you know” card
    1. Will reach out to hospital IBCLCs to hear input about moms being able to bring the colostrum to the hospital and offer it to baby instead of formula in cases of low blood glucose, mom/baby separation, or difficulty with latching.
    2. Washable breast pads used by Lake County: through Mother’s Lounge (wholesale available as well); $7/set (each set includes 4 nursing pads)
  1. Other discussion about increasing support from providers:
    1. Does Medicaid allow for billing of prenatal BF education? Maybe through specific MCOs? Could NEB medical (breast pump supplier) have information about duration rates?
  2. State BF Task Force Calls
    1. Cindy was on the July call (unable to be at this meeting)
    2. Tuesday Oct 22nd 10:30 am – 3 pm
      1. Courtney (AM) and Glendean (PM) will split this call
    3. Next meeting is November 8th in Waukegan