Meeting Minutes- 09/11/2020

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

9.11.20 Minutes

  1. Round Robin
    1. Well Child:
      1. Aug did a Bath and Body Works soap giveaway for BF moms. Started Prenatal BF classes with Sherman Hospital last month had 2 participants in the Spanish class and 2 in English; this month have 7 in Spanish and 3 in English. Using Injoy Curriculum and so moms get a packet of information and can access videos online for 6 months. Chayo made videos in English and Spanish addressing 2 common BF concerns (how to make more milk and difference between personal and hospital pumps) to share with IPHA BF videos channel.
    2. Lake County
      1. Virtual BF month events with social media posting and tried to encourage moms to share photos of BF to normalize BF (didn’t get anyone to share though). Courtney is attending the National WIC Association Conference virtually this week and shared about a presentation on “Red Alert Babies” – an agency created a protocol to identify and support babies who have lost excessive weight in the first 2 weeks of life and how to provide a plan/adequate support until the family can get back to the pediatrician and/or meet with an IBCLC. (desktop guide created and parent handout attached). Courtney will be reaching out to the presenter to see if they can share the protocol with us as a Task Force.
    3. Kendall County
      1. Included a flyer in the new WIC folders about BF month for Aug. Currently only in the office 3 days/week
    4. Glendean/SIDS of IL
      1. Drive through baby showers – open to planning! Had a webinar covering the topics and included a pre- and post-test for families and then entered them to win raffle prizes – seems it was successful! Reach out to Glendean if interested in helping to host one!
    5. General discussion on how we think COVID-19 is affecting BF rates. More moms pumping now than before it seems. A lot of moms are motivated by the health benefits of BF (especially in relation to COVID-19). Struggles with testing positive and concerns about support.
  2. ISPAN Project
    1. Cards and talking points approved. Courtney will reach out to Sue to get the process started on sending the cards to be printed. Good conversation on how receptive providers will be to the intervention/information. Concerns that pumps seem to get promoted a lot and discussion about finding the balance between making sure clients have access to pumps as a resource and giving the perception that they need a pump to be successful at BF.
  3. Mini Grants and Plans for FY21
    1. Extra breast pads purchased with FY20 funds, so these are available for TF members to use in their communities – reach out to Cindy.
    2. With COVID-19 and lack of in-person BF month events, lots of funding available for this year!
  4. State BF Task Force Calls
    1. Next call is Oct 20th 10-12:30
  5. org information about our task force
    1. Upcoming meetings – Courtney will have Melanie update to 2nd Friday afternoon November – next year dates added to website.
    2. Currently only doing calls vs conference call. Are members interested in doing the calls vs video chat?