Meeting Minutes- 09/10/2021

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

9.10.21 Minutes

  1. Round Robin (group sharing)
    1. Cindy – new executive director hired; Cindy’s new position is “just” as breastfeeding coordinator now
      1. Add baby’s name to WIC peer counselor spreadsheet to filter to get rid of the not bf moms and narrow down the results
    2. Nancy – manually calculating 2 contacts for WIC goals, the spreadsheet from Melanie didn’t really help so using their own system
    3. Rose – getting the 9 month calls in for WIC, but having staffing shortages so having a harder time getting the 2-contacts in. having 4 staff going to CLS training. Offering as many trainings as we can
    4. Courtney – having some WIC clients come back onsite: seems to be going well! Gave staff 2 months “warning” before having clients on site, reviewing schedules 1 week in advance and offering mid-certifications and recertifications the option to come on site if they wish. About 1-5 families agree per day across all 5 locations. Generally no more than 3/site/day. Sites with more than 1 nutritionist have morning huddles to determine who will see each in person family so they can move from the lab directly to a nutritionist without going back to a waiting room. Not a lot of pushback from staff – reached out to them early for ideas on who they thought would be interested in coming on site and what they thought might work.
      1. Most staff are vaccinated, within an FQHC so masks worn all day and screening at entrances for staff and clients.
      2. PPE provided: masks, face shields, gloves, surface wipes, plexiglass dividers on desks or a standing one (like a white board/chalkboard on wheels)
        1. Intake staff wipe down their space and lab between clients
        2. Nutritionists wipe down their offices
        3. Staff were used to wiping things down from pre-covid procedures
      3. ISPAN Project
        1. LCHD: Starting in July prenatal teams giving out infographic cards and breast pads to moms around 16-18 weeks pregnant (20 week visits are via telehealth right now)
          1. Follow-up meeting scheduled in October to check in
        2. Mini Grants and Plans for funding
          1. Webinar idea (using funding for next year)
            1. Series of 4 webinars covering BF basics for providers
              1. Audience:
                1. OB/GYNs
                2. Pediatricians
                3. Family Practice
                4. APRN/RNs seeing pregnant/bf women and infants
              2. 4 1-hr long webinars
                1. How to discuss w/patients, benefits of bf
                2. Anatomy/physiology, position and latch
                3. Feeding cues, getting enough milk, problem solving
                4. Lifestyle (work/school), additional challenges
              3. Timeline:
                1. First webinar in Sept 2022
              4. CE option – could request more money from the state to fund it!
                1. Courtney started looking into it… a little complicated!
                  1. Family Practitioners: $625 for the series – 1 credit per webinar
                  2. Pediatricians: $300 per credit hour
  • OB/GYN, APRN/RN unsure still
  1. Speaker(s):
    1. Pam Chay (IBCLC and clinical coordinator for Northwestern) has offered to lead
    2. Courtney Adams (IBCLC, RD and WIC BF coord. For Lake County) can also lead one
      1. Will reach out to former provider and IBCLC from LCHD and see if she is interested in assisting w/at least the first one
    3. Anyone else interested?
  2. Other ideas for using funds for this year?
    1. Dr hale books – purchase updated copies to share w/organizations? – have done in the past
    2. Breast pads, law cards previously done
  • Have $1000 until July 1 to use the funds
  1. State BF Task Force Calls
    1. Discussion about July 20th topics:
      1. Marijuana effects in pregnancy and lactation (slides attached)
        1. Interesting perspective – a little bit different information than has been shared in the past.
        2. Discussion on how we counsel: weighing the risks and benefits individually w/families
      2. Next call: Oct 19th 10 am- 12 pm
    2. Next Meeting: November 12