Meeting Minutes- 09/09/22

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

09/09/22 Meeting Minutes

  1. Intros/ Updates
    1. Margaret Saltysiak- Chair of NCBTF, UCSD Lactation Instructor, NILCA Treasurer.
    2. Nancy Chrest- WIC Coordinator McHenry County, reported that her agency just finished celebrating World Breastfeeding Month; they are working to bring in a new PC
    3. Katie Harrison- Nursing Director at Grundy County HD, no PC at their WIC office, staff are CLCs
    4. Julie Krohn- WIC Coordinator Lake County, Courtney Adams (absent) is the breastfeeding coordinator. Their office has 4 PC, hiring one. Just opened a milk depot.
    5. Mary Gonsatu- Direct of WIC at Knox County HD; reported having some moms interested in becoming PC, seeking more information about the structure of hiring/ employing PC- directed to Melanie after answers from some present
    6. Robin Tawech- BF Coordinator, WIC/PC Coordinator @ DCHD. 5 pt PC at DCHD locations. Just opened milk depots at all locations.
    7. Michelle Esquivel- ED WellChild/ WIC serving Northern Kane County
  2. Legislative update
    1. No updates this meeting.
  3. NCBTF/ NILCA joint virtual conference
    1. Conference information:
      1. Date: Friday, February 17, 2023
      2. Time: tbd/ all day
  • Theme: Education and Advocacy
  1. Audience: Breastfeeding professionals, advocates, peer counselors, providers
  1. Topics
    1. Requested topic suggestions from group:
      1. Michelle Esquivel suggested something along the lines of the “Myths” conference that some of her staff participated in recently. (Carol Peterson, speaker?)
      2. Formula shortage.
      3. Social media influence on breastfeeding
    2. Requested feedback on potential vendors
      1. Pump vendors
      2. Neb: pump variety/ insurance coverage
  • Conference pricing structure
    1. Early bird pricing was determined to be a good option to establish early buy-in and get an estimation of the response
    2. Reduced pricing was determined to be a good option for students, Peer Counselors, and those for whom conference participation can be cost prohibitive
  1. Next steps
    1. Margaret will launch a conference webpage:
    2. Conference Volunteer Survey emailed to all on mailing lists for both groups (NCBTF and NILCA) 09/09. Survey due 09/16:
    3. Speakers: determine topics, find speakers
    4. CEUS: apply via the state for CERPS, and CEs for RNs and RDs. Work with Dr. Miena Hall to see if we can get physician CE credits through her organization.
  2. Formalize Task Force
    1. Margaret met with Melanie Eader (Il State Breastfeeding Task Force) and several other regional task forces to determine the structure of active task forces.
      1. Plan to move toward creating formal bylaws.
      2. Plan to recruit a secretary.
  • WellChild acts as Treasurer for state funds we receive each year by request.
  1. If Task Force does fund raising and begins bringing in money outside of WIC funds, will recruit a non-WellChild treasurer.
  2. Consider becoming a 501c3
  3. Look into becoming a USBC chapter




  1. Task Force Building and Outreach
    1. Margaret is working on a community assessment for the Task Force to better understand the resources in our service area and to identify gaps.
      1. This will be shared with the group for additional input.
    2. Once the assessment is done, a plan for outreach to all breastfeeding professionals, advocates, and providers in our service area will be formulated. This will require the help of Task Force members to make connections between their contacts in the area and the Task Force.
  2. Goals
    1. Would like to move toward identifying a number of specific goals for each year that we work towards accomplishing. Other projects can be completed, but we will have a certain number of very specific goals that we work to achieve, as well.
      1. Ie. Helping to strengthen the breastfeeding community/ resources after discharge in Will County. (or something similar to this)
    2. Develop a strategic plan for promoting and maximizing mini grants. Also, create a formal process around how applications are approved.
  3. Other News
    1. Please check out the website if you have not already:

  1. Facebook: New Facebook page. Please follow and share.
  2. Mini talk: Margaret will try to find speakers to do a mini talk or update for each Task Force meeting moving forward. Please send any ideas or offers to speak to Margaret at
  3. Stories/ pictures: If your group has received a mini grant in the past, please share stories or pictures to be added to the website!
  1. Meetings
    1. Next Meeting: November 11th
    2. Next NILCA meeting: October 11th – IN PERSON at the Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes in Elk Grove Village. Summer Kelly will be speaking on a milk bank related topic. Please come at 6:30 for pizza provided by the Milk Bank. Meeting/ speaker will begin at 7:15pm. 1.5 CERPS for members. More info here:
  2. Webinars- Several upcoming webinars listed on the website

Action Items:

  1. Continue thinking of ways we can do outreach to businesses, etc. to educate about IL breastfeeding law. This could be one of our specific goals for the year.
  2. Please fill out the Conference Volunteer Form. Even if you aren’t able to volunteer, please provide any ideas, feedback, or advice you have!
  3. Please feel free to send me any events or info that would be helpful for others to see and I can add to the website!