Meeting Minutes- 09/08/2023

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

09/08/23 Meeting Agenda

  1. Intros/ Updates
    -Margaret Saltysiak
    -Courtney Adam
    -Glendean Burton
    -Summer Richards – Well Child Center WIC Program
    -Jill Downey
    -Katie Roll
    -Tiffany – registered nurse and lactation advocate

  2. Legislative updates
  3. Community Health Assessment
    1.What it is/ why it’s important
    2. What data is needed
    3. Next steps

  4. Baby Café
    1. What it is?
    -Free weekly drop-in breastfeeding clinic
    -2 hours
    -Staffed by IBCLC, CLC, PC- paid
    -Same location weekly
    2. How it could fill gaps
    -Evid-ence-based program
    -Free support available to all
    -Collects data: demographic, attendance, goals, outcomes
    -Mentorship opportunities- approved by IBLCE- Pathway 1
    -Recognized by NACCHO
    3. How to start one
    -$750 start up fee- training for staff
    -Find location
    -Purchase scale
    -Get funding (Average $11k/ year to run)

  5. 501c3 Status
    1. Why?
    -Access to funding opportunities
    2. Who else?
    -Edwardsville Region BF TF
    3. How
    -Board of directors- elected
    -File for non-profit status

  6. Breastfeeding Friendly Business Program
    New businesses in Naperville designated as breastfeeding friendly
  7. Other News
    1. Please check out the website if you have not already:
    2. Facebook:  New Facebook page. Please follow and share.
    3. Mini talk: Margaret will try to find speakers to do a mini talk or update for each Task Force meeting moving forward. Please send any ideas or offers to speak to Margaret at
    4. Stories/ pictures: If your group has received a mini grant in the past, please share stories or pictures to be added to the website!
  • Meetings
    1. Next meeting: October 13, 1pm

Action Items:

  1. Invite someone new to the next meeting.
  2. Reach out to hospitals to gather contact information for lactation consultants and invite them to participate.
  3. Contact Lake County home visiting programs and bring them back into the task force and discuss the possibility of shadowing a peer counselor.
  4. Send a sample letter to hospitals, customized with the contact person’s name, inviting them to join the task force.
  5. Reach out to Lake County peer counselors to
  6. Fill in the gaps in the data sheet, specifically the number of lactation consultants and the availability of prenatal classes and support groups in hospitals.
  7. Draft a letter to hospitals and OB managers to introduce the task force and request their participation.
  8. Follow up with the lawyer to gather information about forming a nonprofit organization.
  9. Schedule the other Baby Cafe and invite Decassing to the next meeting.
  10. Send a reminder email with the to-do list and tasks two weeks before the next meeting.
  11. Consider the role you would like to play on the board, including the possibility of being the treasurer.
  12. Research the process for incorporating and obtaining nonprofit status.