Meeting Minutes- 07/15/22

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

07/15/22 Meeting Minutes

*This was a make-up meeting as there was an issue with invites for the 07/08/22 date.

  1. Intros/ Updates
    1. Margaret Saltysiak- New Chair of NCBTF.
    2. Robin Tawech- BF Coordinator, WIC/PC Coordinator @ DCHD
    3. Glendean Burton- RN, CLC- Retired IL DHS
      1. Working on half-day training for home visiting program, bf training, early November
    4. Summer Richards- BF Coordinator, Wellchild Centers WIC/ PC Supervisor
      1. PC enrichment day in Northern IL/ WIC region 2 upcoming
      2. Open PC position, Elgin area
    5. Miena Hall, MD- Family Practice Physician, IBCLC, Duly Health-Elmhurst and Hinsdale
    6. Pamela Chay- RN, IBCLC- Lake Forest Hospital
    7. Martha-Margaret Cotton- BF Program Manager IPHI
      1. IBCLC mapping project ongoing
      2. BF resources available free of charge for providers
    8. Legislative update
      1. AAP Policy Statement on Breastfeeding
        1. It was brought up that we should look into what next steps need to happene to update Illinois’ breastfeeding protection laws with the new AAP policy supporting breastfeeding until 2 years and beyond.
      2. Other updates
        1. Glendean raised the idea of creating some outreach campaign to provide businesses, etc. with information about the breastfeeding laws in Illinois to prevent moms in the future from being harassed for breastfeeding in public
      3. Project
        1. Webinar Project– Create a webinar for providers around one or two breastfeeding topics, chosen after a survey of providers to determine knowledge gaps. Webinar would be available in 2023.
          1. Questions
            1. Glendean created a list of questions that could be sent out to providers to understand where the knowledge gaps exist.
          2. Providers
            1. Margaret received provider lists from several members representing the area NCBTF covers.
          3. Pivot: Partnership-The Northern Illinois Lactation Consultant Association would like to put on a virtual conference directed at breastfeeding advocates and providers with the goal of education and networking. We discussed partnering with NILCA to help produce this conference and spread our reach. It was also discussed partnering with other task forces such as the CRBTF. *The members in attendance agreed that this is a good plan, and we are moving forward with working together to create this conference.
            1. Proposed plan
              1. Online conference next spring 2023
              2. Target audience: lactation professionals and providers
              3. 5-6 speakers
              4. 1 open discussion/ round table period
              5. Possibly a panel discussion
              6. Apply for CERPS and possibly physician credits
              7. Cost to attend, scholarships available where needed
              8. Topics tbd, possibly look at what other conferences are doing- make it IL focused
            2. Skills survey
              1. Margaret will create a survey to send out to all members of NILCA and NCBTF (and any other task forces we join with) to determine what skills and availability members have to contribute to the project. Following that, a project plan will be developed to help us move forward
            3. Website– We now have a website! Please send Margaret any stories of how you used a mini grant and/or pictures, or any news to add to the website!

  1. Illinois news
  2. Grant application
  3. Stories/ pictures
  1. Other news
    1. Next Meeting: September 9th
    2. Next NILCA meeting: August 11th – Topic: Use of FEES in the breastfeeding infant. Sign up on this link to receive the meeting link:


  1. Next IL State Breastfeeding Task Force meeting: July 26th
  2. Webinars- Several upcoming webinars listed on the website

Action Items:

  1. Start thinking of ways we can do outreach to businesses, etc. to educate about IL breastfeeding law
  2. Start thinking about ideas for the conference:
  1. Topics/speakers
  2. Creative delivery
  3. Should we get donations for a raffle?


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