Meeting Minutes- 07/12/2019

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

7/12/19 meeting minutes

  1. Round Robin/Sharing
    1. Vista Hospital in Waukegan will be showing the Chocolate Milk Documentary on Aug 6th at 9 am and 6 pm
    2. Well Child in Elgin will be showing the Chocolate Milk Documentary on Aug 7th at 1 pm
    3. Rush Copley will be hosting the Big Latch On Aug 2, Family Focus is participating as well
    4. Well Child partnered with Advocate Sherman Hospital to host the Big Latch On Aug 3rd
    5. Lake County will be hosting the Big Latch On Aug 3 at the Health Department in Waukegan off Belvidere Rd.
  2. Mini Grants to use BFTF award dollars
    1. $1000 from the state for each Fiscal Year. FY19 funds were used to translate and purchase the IL law cards in English and Spanish.
    2. Cards issued to those present who wanted them
    3. Mini-grant application sent out
      1. Currently set at a maximum of $200 request per agency requesting
      2. Requester must be an active participant in the task force
  • The funds should be used to support breastfeeding in the community and not for just your agency
  1. Examples that other BFTF have approved mini grants for:
    1. A walk to the zoo (purchased bottled water) to promote BF
    2. Lunch and Learn for providers
    3. Snacks/cookies with breastfeeding facts for providers
    4. Baby expos and showers for the community
  2. ISPAN updates
    1. Focus for our region will be providing doctor education at VNA and Lake County Health Department.
      1. Action Plan:
        1. Narrow down who we want to focus on
          1. OB/GYNE?
          2. Midwest PA/Physicians school in Downer’s Grove?
        2. Survey providers to find out what type of education is needed and how they would prefer it be provided
        3. Plan what to teach
          1. Idea about having providers ask about mother’s support system
          2. Targeting high risk mothers
          3. Using a pre-made curriculum if possible
        4. Best methods to disseminate the education
      2. Survey for moms
        1. Kane County BF Coalition completed a survey in the past for mothers – use this survey as a guide?
      3. State BFTF calls
        1. Quarterly meetings; can call in vs attending in person. Usually 10 am – 2pm
        2. July 23rd 12:30 – 3 pm, at the Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department
          1. Cindy will call in
          2. Focus on PRAMS study
  • Updates shared from each BFTF
  1. October 22nd 10:30 – 3 pm at the Logan County Health Department, Lincoln
    1. Need a volunteer to attend/call in?
      1. Can split into a morning and afternoon shift
    2. Illinois State Breastfeeding Task Force Website updates (
      1. Contact information to join:
        1. Courtney Adams,, 847-377-8752
      2. Mission statement:
        1. Our goal is that all families will live, work and receive health care in a breastfeeding friendly culture.
      3. Current members include breastfeeding advocates from SIDS of Illinois, Vista Medical Center, Rush Copely Medical Center, Lake County Health Department and Community Health Centers, Aunt Martha’s Community Health Center, Family Focus in Kane and DuPage Counties, VNA Health, Well Child Center, McHenry County Health Department
      4. We serve the collar counties of Cook including: DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties.
      5. There are no fees or dues to attend, and we encourage participation from all areas!
      6. Mini-grants are available to participating members to support breastfeeding in your community
      7. Current Meeting Schedule: The second Friday every other month from 1-3 pm Call-in number available: 1-847-377-3200, participant code: 0157036#
        1. September 13th 2019: SIDS of Illinois Lisle office, 6010 IL-53, Lisle, IL
        2. November 8th 2019: Lake County Health Department, 2400 Belvidere Rd, Waukegan IL
  • January 10th 2020: VNA Health – Aurora (Tentative)
  1. March 13th 2020: Well Child Center, Elgin, 620 Wing St, Elgin, IL
  2. May 8th2020: Vista Health Center East, (Tentative)
  3. July 10th 2020: Family Focus DuPage (Tentative)
  1. Next Steps:
    1. Logo design ideas for our Task Force
      1. Possible idea to include whole family, support as well as mom/baby
      2. Maybe have Illinois look like people?
  • Bring ideas to next meeting!
  1. Courtney will email Melanie updates for the website
  2. Volunteers needed for October 22nd State BFTF Call
  3. Complete Mini-grant application and submit to Cindy ( if you have a project you would like funded
  4. Interest in joining USLCA as a group? Discounted rate available
  5. Next Meeting: September 13th at SIDS of Illinois office in Lisle, IL


Sign in Sheet:

  1. Julie Krohn (phone in)
  2. Taylor Fletcher (phone in)
  3. Courtney Adams
  4. Tonya Temple
  5. Angelica Lucero
  6. Shari DeLine and
  7. Ruth Flores and
  8. Sue Laurila
  9. Cindy Anderson
  10. April Swain
  11. Dyana Garcia
  12. Janet Ramirez
  13. Gleandean Burton