Meeting Minutes- 07/10/2020

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

7/10/20 Minutes


  1. Round Robin
    1. Sharing updates
    2. Dyana shared about Family Focus: starting to transition back to the office 1-2x/week. No in-person visits with families yet though. Doing virtual prenatal classes on Zoom – received donations to provide infant 1st aid kits, birthing balls, and gift cards to participants from funders. Promoting the class through social media, emailing partners. (Flyer also attached serving Aurora, North Aurora, Batavia, Montgomery, Oswego, Plano, Yorkville, and Sugar Grove families). It is a free class. Biggest class so far had 6 moms. Hard to get them to have the video on and participate most of the time.
      1. We brainstormed some ideas on how to encourage them to participate so they don’t miss out on the interactions they would have had in person. When sending out the link to moms encourage them to find a quiet place to focus and relax for the class and encourage them to have the video on. At the start of the class encourage clients to have the video on so they can get to know the other moms – maybe explain how to blur/hide the background if they don’t want others to see where they are/or their home. Use ice-breakers or interactive games in the beginning to help everyone get more comfortable. Ask if the moms are comfortable sharing their contact info w/the other moms since they all have similar due dates and encourage them to talk outside of the class with each other too.
    3. Chayo shared about Well Child Elgin starting virtual prenatal classes in partnership with Sherman Hospital using the Injoy Breastfeeding curriculum “understanding firsts”. Chayo feels moms she has contacted don’t seem too interested in the online class. They need to pick up a prenatal packet so they can follow along virtually and only 1 client has come to pick it up. All participants will be entered to win a car seat.
    4. Glendean shared that SIDS of IL has put all community group events on hold. They have continued to provide education over the phone and cribs/supplies to families. Glendean said she was able to take one of the LEC online lactation counselor trainings – the 3 day one- and found it helpful.
    5. Courtney shared that Lake County is not doing any virtual classes right now, only individual appointments. Vista Hospital might start doing the Injoy online classes and we will try to have a BFPC involved as well but have not heard back if they were approved. For Breastfeeding Month, we are planning to create a few short videos to share on social media.
    6. WIC updates: Changing from paper coupons to EBT cards this month. Hopefully easier for clients, lots of changes for us!
  2. Finances
    1. Review of FY20
      1. Mini-grants, breast pads for ISPAN project
    2. Plan for FY21
      1. Mini-grants went well, so will offer again for this year
      2. Tent – April had looked into a tent to purchase and share for outdoor events.
  • Printing of infographic cards for ISPAN project
  1. ISPAN project updates
    1. Card sample attached. Working on talking points (got delayed due to WIC program updates with training but should be able to send out before the next meeting!) Sue needs to talk with providers at VNA about implementation. Courtney will review with Lake County changes in implementation due to COVID-19.
  2. State BF Task Force Call: July 21st
    1. I believe Cindy was able to be on the call and will share updates at the next meeting.
  3. Next Meeting:
    1. Conference call vs video call? For now, we can maintain the conference calls but if people are interested we can look into doing the calls on Zoom or another platform. It’s nice to be able to see people!