Meeting Minutes- 07/09/2021

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

7.9.21 Minutes

  1. Round Robin (group sharing)
    1. Glendean – MIECHV/SIDS of IL
      1. 2 baby showers completed in May and June (Kankakee and N. Kane co.)
        1. Kane county was largest ever with 37 participants!
      2. Planning stages for 3rd in Southern Kane Co now – will be focused on supporting Spanish speaking families. Help needed for how to handle translation
        1. Brainstormed ideas for Zoom closed captioning, google translate, and having trusted community member who is bilingual interpret? Challenges with timing – translation will take longer!
  • Statewide task forces, legislation passed to support pregnant and parenting women! (looking for members to support projects below)
    1. Focus on housing access for pregnant and parenting women
    2. African American pregnant and parent women
      1. Doula support
        1. Looking for doulas to help provide input on guidance for increasing doula support
      2. Telehealth support
        1. Recommendations on how to help explain and prepare patients for successful telehealth visits
      3. Implicit bias trainings
        1. Improve trainings for health care providers
      4. Cindy – Well Child Center
        1. BFPCs are back at Sherman Hospital seeing moms in person
      5. Rose – Will Co. WIC
        1. Purchased “WIC loves Breastfeeding” peds and designed business cards with breastfeeding and local WIC agency information for outreach
      6. Diana/Yesenia- Family Focus
        1. Starting to do some home visiting in person (meeting in parks, outside when possible)
        2. Having families sign a consent form discussing CDC and other COVID-19 related procedures in place. Masking, temp screening, questionnaire, social distancing and having families keep any activities used during the visit vs giving back.
      7. April – Well Child Center
        1. Going to LCA conference in Houston Aug 30-Sept 1
      8. Courtney – Lake Co. WIC
        1. IGROW home visiting partnership will be starting a 9-week long virtual prenatal class beginning 7/14/21. Doulas will be leading; WIC helping facilitate, promote, and providing giveaways
        2. IGROW and WIC virtual BF support group will be starting Aug 5 -led by WIC BFPCs, will be for WIC moms and moms who participated in the IGROW prenatal class to join once they deliver. Will be weekly
  • Will be offering option to have WIC clients come in person if they want starting at the end of July.
  1. Shared LC WIC Facebook page info ( if you would like to join to check it out) and bargaining with Communications team to get it
    1. Private group vs a page, started by the county and then we update it as individuals vs as the agency
    2. Not great interaction yet, but BFPCs team wants to make a bigger effort this year with new content ideas
  2. ISPAN Project (Courtney)
    1. Survey sent to women’s health team at Lake Co (pregnancy testing, prenatal/post partum care teams)
    2. Presentation at staff meeting discussed WIC, other BF support in Lake Co, training options, ISPAN project
    3. Team will hand out info cards with the reusable breast pads to women who are 16-22 weeks gestation
      1. Has WIC phone # and WIC facebook page info
    4. Mini Grants and Plans for funding
      1. Idea to create a webinar for health care providers – continuation from ISPAN project
        1. Feedback from Lake Co. women’s health team that they want more education on BF
        2. Will create separate email chain with Dyana, Pam, Ruth to start the brainstorming process for how to make it happen (email Courtney if interested in helping!)
      2. $600 for continuing ISPAN project and $400 for minigrants available
        1. Minigrants open to all members: use the funding to support breastfeeding in the community
      3. August Breastfeeding Month
        1. Not much happening this year!
        2. Lake Co will have social media posts
          1. Panel discussion on African American Community Partnership Group’s facebook page about breastfeeding in the AA/Black community led by WIC BFPC
          2. “woman on the street” video in Spanish and English talking with people about breastfeeding myths
        3. Will Co. will have posters and a table up in the health clinic and near COVID clinic
      4. State BF Task Force Calls: Next one July 20th 10 -12, webex
        1. Marijuana effects in pregnancy and lactation
        2. A day in the life… working with baby friendly hospitals
        3. US BF Committee Conference Update
      5. Next Meeting: September 10