Meeting Minutes- 05/13/2022

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

5.13.22 Minutes

  1. Round Robin (group sharing)
    1. Margaret: Northern Illinois Lactation Association ( 5 meetings/year are educational and receive CEUs. Membership is $30
      1. Also teaches at UC San Diego for their Lactation Program. Student from Arlington Heights is looking for an internship location. Please reach out to Margaret if you could be a preceptor or know someone who could.
    2. Glendean: continuing to work with IPHI (Illinois public health institute) and MIECHV (maternal infant early childhood home visiting) programs for improving breastfeeding training available to home visitors. Working to continue/increase scholarships for CLS trainings.
    3. Pam: Lake Forest is beginning to have classes in person again and it is going well, lots of interest
    4. Michelle – Cindy retired from Well Child Elgin WIC program. Summer Richards on the call today will be moving from Lake County Health Dept. to Well Child to be the Breastfeeding Coordinator there starting in June.
    5. Chayo – prenatal classes are continuing virtually with Sherman Hospital and going really well. Very popular and lots of good participation from partners/dads too.
    6. Vanessa – spoke with someone from Meridian health insurance about their goals to increase support/guide their clients to maternal and child resources in Lake County.
    7. Jill – continuing to work with Chayo at Sherman with virtual visits. Outpatient lactation clinic had 486 visits last year!
    8. Courtney – wrapped up first session of virtual prenatal class in partnership with Vanessa and other home visiting programs in Lake Co. working on getting more peer counselors in hospitals. Waiting to get freezer from Milk Bank and then will be ready to officially be a Milk Depot! Will send an announcement about the grand opening
    9. Sue, Rose, Ruth also in attendance but no updates from their regions
  2. Webinar Project
    1. Provider lists provided from
      1. Lake Co, Will Co, DuPage Co, Aunt Martha’s (Aurora)
      2. Courtney will reach out to ask about support from Kendall, McHenry, and Grundy counties
  • provider lists include prenatal and pediatric providers right now. Will send out questionnaire to determine what would be helpful
  1. Michelle brought up that Well Child center has been working with the Illinois chapters of AAP and AAFP to do outreach about their services, getting on their emailed newsletters, etc. could be a resource for us to reach out to as well!
  1. questionnaire: Glendean will put together final questions for us to review in July, then once approved by everyone we can start sending it out
    1. what do you want to know more about? What do patients ask about? How important is it to get CMEs? What are limitations to talking about breastfeeding with patients?
  2. Logistics
    1. Released as a recording instead of live
    2. Objectives:
      1. what is the task force and how we can support providers/who the BF resources are in the community
      2. topics based on the survey results
  • Well Child Center can use Teams for the Webinar recording
  1. Mini Grants and Plans for funding
    1. Have $100 until July 1 to use the funds: will purchase stamps and envelopes so we can mail information to providers about the survey if we are unable to have email contacts with them
  2. Meetings will continue as virtual
    1. Thoughts about an in person meet up in the summer.
  3. Leadership changes:
    1. Margaret will be taking over as Chair and Courtney will be stepping back
    2. Summer will be the treasurer once she starts her new position at Well Child in June. (Well Child is the fiscal agent for the Task Force)
    3. Task Force Email:
      1. We will use this account to help things be a little more organized. If anyone is looking to join the task force, they can reach out to this account as well.
    4. Next Meeting: July 8th