Meeting Minutes- 03/11/2022

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

3.11.22 Minutes

  1. Round Robin (group sharing)
    1. Roma (NICU nurse/private practice IBCLC) reminder about the Chicago BFTF spring networking event (FLYER ATTACHED)
    2. Sue (VNA Health) able to start sharing the ISPAN info cards and breast pads with the OB team and they are starting to give them out to women who are 6 months pregnant. VNA Today is a Facebook video created by VNA health and this week posted on Nutrition month and included breastfeeding!
    3. Glendean (MCH Nurse consultant/SIDS of IL) presented on Safe Sleep and had good feedback/acceptance
    4. Pam (Lake Forest Hospital) prenatal and breastfeeding classes are now being held in person. Discounted class prices available ($10) for those who need assistance
    5. Dyana (Family Focus Aurora) virtual prenatal class starting March 22nd – 8 week sessions with weekly giveaways, open to community too (FLYER ATTACHED)
    6. Courtney (Lake Co) IGROW home visiting partnership has also started virtual prenatal group – week 2 for this session and 2 more sessions planned for later this year, open to anyone is Lake County (FLYERS ATTACHED)
  2. ISPAN Project
    1. Info cards and breast pads are open to everyone on the task force. Reach out to Cindy Anderson or Courtney Adams for information on getting the materials. (see email for image of the card and breast pads)
    2. Webinar project
      1. Audience: prenatal healthcare providers
        1. OB physicians, APNs, etc.
        2. Home visiting support
        3. WIC providers
        4. Anyone who is supporting pregnant women’s health
        5. Margaret will start a google spreadsheet to start compiling a list of providers we would want to invite to the webinar (and send our survey)
          1. Everyone: Please reach out to Margaret ( if you are interested in helping to add providers and offices to the list from your area – divide and conquer!
        6. Content:
          1. Making time to include BF information
          2. Other important topics?
            1. Create small needs assessment survey to find out!
            2. Glendean will draft up a few questions
              1. What is the time constraints on talking to prenatal clients? What topics do you want to know more about? What topics do your clients ask about? Anything else?
  • Webinar Logistics
    1. We need a hosting platform.
      1. Possibly using task force funds to purchase a Zoom license
      2. Cindy will see if Sherman Hospital may want to partner and host the webinar series (have relationship with them for (currently) virtual breastfeeding class)
      3. Cindy will reach out to other task forces who have offered webinars to gain insight on what we might be missing or need to know
    2. CEUs
      1. CMEs will be too expensive/difficult to offer ☹
      2. Through IDHS can offer RN, RD, IBCLC ceus/cerps
    3. Mini Grants and Plans for funding
      1. Have $1000 until July 1 to use the funds
      2. Currently no plans for this year! Extra breast pads are at Well Child Elgin for anyone who would like to get some for their area, extra of the info cards are available as well.
    4. Meetings will continue as virtual
      1. Thoughts about an in person meet up in the summer.
    5. If anyone is interested in taking on a leadership role in the task force, please reach out to Courtney
    6. Next Meeting: May 13th