Meeting Minutes- 01/14/2022

North Central Breastfeeding Task Force

1.14.22 Minutes

Present at the meeting: Glendean (SIDS of IL), Nancy (Kendall), Nancy (McHenry), Jen (Grundy), Ruth (Aunt Martha’s), Alyssa (Will), Rose (Will), Gabriela (Will), Sue (VNA), Pam (Lake Forest Hospital), Dyana (Family Focus), Yesenia (Family Focus), Robin (Dupage), April (Well Child Elgin), Chayo (Well Child Elgin), Chayo (Well Child Elgin), Dezzy (Lake), Courtney (Lake)

  1. Round Robin (group sharing)
    1. Rose, Will County: She has been full time in her breastfeeding support role since November. Feels she is able to reach more newborns and Nutritionists have been helping make calls to pregnant clients in their last month
    2. Pam, Lake Forest Hospital: Lake Forest is hosting a virtual course on safe sleep featuring Nancy Maruyama, RN, BSN from SIDS of Illinois. On January 27th from 6-7 pm for free. Here is the link to the registration:
    3. Glendean, SIDS of IL/MIECHV: ISPAN project is continuing for MIECHV home visiting programs. Last year created a protocol for home visiting programs with MIECHV funding regarding breastfeeding. This year, applied for funding to provide comprehensive breastfeeding training for home visiting staff. Survey will be going out to assess needs and help shape the training. Goal is for training and materials to be ready by June 2022 with implementation of the training to begin in second half of 2022. Hoping to have more options for home visiting staff to become CLCs.
    4. Courtney, Lake County: Lake County Health Department is working with the Mother’s Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes to open a Milk Depot in Waukegan. Paperwork is being completed now by the county and Milk Bank, so we can hopefully open in the spring.
  2. Legislation updates
    1. Congresswoman Lauren Underwood asking for support: District overlaps with Task Force region, outreach coordinator reached out to Courtney. Shared information about what we do as a task force.
      1. Rep Underwood has been very vocal about maternal and infant mortality:
      2. What feedback or questions do we have for her/her team?
    2. IL bill: parity for pumps
      1. Currently Illinois collects sales tax for breast pumps, there is a law up now that would remove that tax (see PDF flyer attached to email for more information) to share
      2. Discussion about lack of equity between private and public insurance and access to pumps. Private insurance = eligible for new pump each year while public insurance means only 1 pump every 5 years.
        1. Do we have any local IL legislators that have women’s health/breastfeeding support as part of their platform? Maybe we as a task force can write a letter, make a request for a legislator to see what can be done to make changes/improve equity and access?
        2. REQUEST: look at your area’s local legislators and see if anyone could be someone we could reach out to about it
  1. ISPAN Project
    1. Lake County’s Women’s Health team has been handing out the info cards and breast pads to pregnant women at their first visit now so they help remember and get the information out. Feeling like this part is not measurable? Breast pads have a sticker with WIC information and Facebook page, but not seeing an increase in people joining. Prenatal team has always done well with referring to WIC services.
      1. Courtney presented twice to the Women’s Health team: one on local resources/referral options and free breastfeeding education opportunities. The second presentation focused more on breastfeeding education. Both presentations are attached to the email. Both presentations were only about 15-20 minutes long
      2. Glendean asked if she is able to give out the breast pads and info cards in SIDS of IL baby showers? For sure within our task force region, Courtney will find out if they can be given outside the region too/any limitations.
  • Cindy is interested in trying to partner with local OB offices in Elgin and see if they would be interested in handing them out/partnering for education
  1. Rose also interested partnering with prenatal program. They refer to WIC for breastfeeding support currently, and she is trying to do a class, but having talking points that they can use – empower prenatal teams to do a little education about breastfeeding too!
  1. Webinar project
    1. Pam has been a great help in helping us feel confident with content to cover. Content we are still putting together is how to help providers feel confident in talking about breastfeeding in their visits
      1. Courtney reached out to a few providers at Lake County. 1 pediatrician gave good feedback:

Sharing my experience, struggles, victories has helped me a lot during these visits.

My newborns- 6month visits probably take longer than 15 min time slots, but it is what it is. It helps me build rapport with my patients/parents and understand their goals.

Regarding discussing breastfeeding during the visit, I usually start with asking what their goals are, congratulating them on their decision is the first step toward positively re enforcing they are being a great parent. If they don’t want to breastfeed, I ask for what barriers they feel they have so we can support them. If they say breastfeeding, I usually give a small applause (😊claps!! Claps!!). Of course, assessing how long they feed at each breast, latch, any nipple pain. If there is another parent/family member in the room, I congratulate them as well in supporting mom in breastfeeding. I also discuss safe sleeping while breastfeeding. I sometimes give them handouts from Kelly mom, LLLI, AAP on topics such as triple feeding, paced feeding, returning to work, etc. depending on the situation.

Using Facebook groups: (3) Doctors Practicing Breastfeeding Medicine (Or Want To!) | Facebook and (3) Dr. MILK | Facebook

  1. April brought up that we should discuss the scope of practice as well: where does the scope of peer counselors or CLCs end and we need to refer back to providers for them to take over.
    1. REQUEST: if you work with any providers that you know talk about breastfeeding, ask them how they make it a priority or what tips they would share with other providers who don’t
  2. Webinar Logistics
    1. We need a hosting platform.
      1. Sue will check to see if VNA is able to host the webinar
      2. Cindy will see if Sherman Hospital may want to partner and host the webinar series (have relationship with them for (currently) virtual breastfeeding class)
      3. Cindy will reach out to other task forces who have offered webinars to gain insight on what we might be missing or need to know
    2. CEUs
      1. CMEs will be too expensive/difficult to offer ☹
      2. Through IDHS can offer RN, RD, IBCLC ceus/cerps
    3. Mini Grants and Plans for funding
      1. Have $1000 until July 1 to use the funds
      2. Currently no plans for this year! Extra breast pads are at Well Child Elgin for anyone who would like to get some for their area, extra of the info cards are available as well.
    4. State BF Task Force Calls
      1. Next call: Jan 25th 10 am- 12 pm
        1. If you do not get the email invites from Melanie Eader already and would like to, please reach out to Courtney to get connected
      2. Next Meeting: March 11th